Solar Emergency Charging Lamp Price In Bangladesh

A solar emergency charging lamp is a versatile and practical device that provides both light and charging capabilities during power outages or outdoor activities. It typically consists of a solar panel for charging, a rechargeable battery for storing energy.

  • Foldable Design: 45 LED SMD lamp beads, the light is soft and not dazzling. The folding design makes the light range wider. The lamp body is made of high-quality ABS material, which is resistant to falling and abrasion. Lightweight and durable, the lamp body is compact and does not take up space.
  • Solar Charging and USB charging: Built-in two 18650 lithium batteries, one 1200 mA, a total of 2400 mA. The USB camp lantern is rechargeable and doesn’t need to exchange batteries. The top of the lamp is equipped with a solar charging board which can be recharged during the day.
  • Power Display Function: 4-level power display: 0, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.
  • 5 Gears and Remote Control: Strong-weak-strong-flash-SOS five gears, equipped with a remote control, it is more convenient to use and adjust the light. Get rid of the constraints of height
  • Wide range of use: It can be used in courtyards, camping, emergency lighting, fishing, etc.


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